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From Giovanni Maruzzelli <>
Subject Re: [BUG] 1.3a2 on NT (no authorization? not closing socket ?)
Date Mon, 01 Sep 1997 00:32:46 GMT
On Sun, 31 Aug 1997, Philip A. Prindeville wrote:

> 	Giovanni Maruzzelli wrote:
> 	>         * when connecting from a Unix machine to an NT machine running
> 	>           apache-1.3a2 the sockets remains in a TIME_WAIT state. This
> 	>	    not happen with windoz clients.
> 	Do you mean the sockets at the Unix end or the Windows end?
> 	Cheers,
> 	Ben.

If I remember well, only at the NT side.

> Actually, a socket is *supposed* to stay in the TIME_WAIT state for 4
> minutes, 15 seconds.  This is referred to as "quiet time".  Since the
> IP TTL is an 8 bit counter, that is supposed to be decremented by one
> for each hop it takes *or* by the number of seconds the packet is
> held in a router (min 1), then a looping duplicate or delayed out-of-
> order packet can last up to 255 seconds (4:15) in the network, and you
> need to cache the TCP Control Block in the closed state to make sure
> that the same port doesn't get reused in that period and mistakenly
> accept data destined for the previous instance of that socket.
> Make sense?
> But if the socket is staying in the TIME_WAIT state longer that 4:15,
> I would say one end is doing a broken close (or getting disconnected
> abruptly).
> -Philip

Don't take my poor english the wrong way, but not it don't make sense to

Or, maybe yes, but there's something still to be explained to me:

	* in the unix version of apache I don't see socket thet remain in
	* the NT version behave as you say, but after a while it fill up
	  all the available sockets and almost freeze (waiting the sockets
	* when you connect from a win client to an NT apache it don't live
	  sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state
	* if you modify apache NT to setsockopt linger on
	  lingering_timeout to zero and not to use lingering_close() it
	  close the socket (but it is seen as
	  a network error from the clients also if you can see the contents
	  delivered via a perl homebrew client) 
For the auth problem, you can set auth on a location, but not for a
directory. I'll check if the problem comes from the upper-lowercase stuff.


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