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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Disabling logging based on envariable
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 22:29:34 GMT
On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> Maybe I was confusing your <If> with Ben's way more general syntax.  If
> your proposal back then was only to test against environment variables
> then I'm sorry!  I was confused. 

Well I actually wanted to be able to check against other properties of the
client connection (such as REMOTE_IP) inside the <If..>, since SetEnvIf
can already set env vars based on these and allowing <If..> to use them
saves the intermediate setting-an-env-var step. 

> It would be possible to tie something into subprocess_env modifications... 
> but I wouldn't want it to happen on each modification.  I'd rather it
> happen at "sequence points".  We can make sequence points wherever we want
> to ... but the finest granularity I'd suggest is after each module method
> call.  If you do it while a module method is running you run the risk of
> the subprocess_env being in the middle some partially completed
> computation (i.e. add foo, remove bar).

Yep, sounds good. Of course if you do allow REMOTE_IP checks, etc, then
you don't have to worry about modifications to *these* If's during the
life of the request.

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