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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject New server
Date Fri, 15 Aug 1997 09:27:29 GMT
A new Unix & windows free server has been annouced in
comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix. For those that haven't seen it, here is
the announcement. What is interesting is that it *seems* to have a well
developed set of APIs as well as a lot of in-built features.... 



This posting announces the beta release of a new HTTP server for UNIX and
Windows(32-bit) platforms. Pi3Web includes CGI, Windows CGI, FastCGI, SSI
(with custom extensions), Virtual hosting, configurable logging, server
extension API, IO protocol/filter API, nested API modules and a built-in
expression language for dynamic pages and programmable request handling. 

Distribution is from:

The server is distributed with example CGI, Windows CGI, a features
overview and full API documentation. Also included is example
configurations for features, internet, personal, proxy and development
favours of HTTP server. 

Pi3Web is fully multithreaded on all deployed platforms to improve
connection volume. On some platforms that do not natively support threads,
Pi3Web includes a threads library for user context based multithreading. 
Additionally, UNIX versions use a multiple process implementation for
lower latency and greater fault tolerance. 

This HTTP server would be of most interest to those involved in Internet
application development or those needing greater flexibility to experiment
with highly customized configurations or server internals. 

Pi3Web is provided free for commercial and non-commercial uses, in source
code package or binary installation form. Binary installations are
provided for the following platforms. 

- Windows 95 or NT (3.51 or greater), on x86 machine
- Linux (ELF build 2.0) on x86 machine
- Solaris 2.x on sparc platform.

The server is a work in progress. An HTTP proxy module for configuration
as an HTTP caching or filtering proxy is under development and included. 

The current distributions do not include any SSL capabilities, although
the IO filter API allows third party SSL implementations to be easily



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