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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Redirect to negotiated docs (PR#649)
Date Fri, 15 Aug 1997 08:21:37 GMT
PR#649 suggests that the results of a content-negotiation is a *redirect*
to the chosen variant. This will allow proxies and clients to cache the
variant as the resource for the requested URI. Now caching the result of
sever-based negotiation is a bad idea because (pre-1.1) clients & browsers
may cache and serve up the wrong result of subsequent requests for the
same request URI. But Apache does allow the "CacheNegotiatedDocs" redirect
to allow clients and proxies to cache the result of negotiation. 

The patch in #649 does not work properly, but does anyone else think it is
reasonable to redirect to the result of server negotiation? I don't even
agree with CacheNegotiatedDocs so I would say not. But it is hard to
reject the patch with "no because caching negotiated resources is bad
pre-1.1" since the submitter can point to CacheNegotiatedDocs and say "so
why does Apache allow it then?". Which I can't answer. Why does it?

So my suggested answer to this would be "This won't be added to Apache
because caching negotiated resources is not good, and as clients and
proxies move to HTTP/1.1 this will become irrelevant anyway". And close
the PR. 


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