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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] accept serialization
Date Wed, 13 Aug 1997 22:53:53 GMT
This patch looks good. Unfortunatly I don't have access to the systems
required to test it fully (Solaris, Irix with multi-processors) but it
applies clean and works on Linux 2. And survives the HUP of death.

I guess the includion of DEFAULT_TYPE -> DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE was a

I'm not clear *which* OSes are safe to use SAFE_UNSERIALISED_ACCEPT with.
Is this something we find out by trial and error? A test program for
serialising would been nice.

+1 if inclusion, on basis that if there are problems in the betas we can
take out the problem areas.

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> Yeah but probably not until 2.0 ... which is a cop out :)  Actually in 2.0
> we need more generic mutexes because threading will be an integral part of
> the API. 

Yeah, presumably a POSIX threads like interface would be nice, either
mapped direct to OS calls (Solaris) or onto other threads layers (e.g
Linuxthreads? I don't know). 

> I actually want to split the 5 methods (probably 6 if I can find something
> to work on OSF/1, Ken's post is quite dismaying) into a file each... but I
> figured people would balk if I put code into .h files and #include them
> ... or if I put code into .c files and #include them. 

I have no problem with #including compilable code. I like the concept of
separating out the different locking implementations like this. 


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