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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re-org on NT
Date Tue, 12 Aug 1997 08:53:31 GMT
The currently re-organised sources do not compile on NT. I have a local
version which does compile on NT, which involved making the following

  - Move src/nt to src/os/win32 (OS abstraction)
  - Update the .dsp and .mak files in this dir to reflect that fact that
    they are one directory lower (e.g. change -I..\regex to -I..\..\regex)
  - Update all the *.dsp and *.mak files to include from the new core
  - Update ApacheCore.dsp/mak to refer to files in their new locations
  - Update the os/win32/*.c files to remove relative include pathnames
    (e.g. #include "../httpd.h" becomes "#include httpd.h")
  - Update relative references to nt dir to os/win32 dir in c files
  - Update makefile.nt to do "cd os\win32" instead of "cd nt"

The only significant change is moving src/nt to src/os/win32, which is a
better location of the OS specific files anyway. This should be done in
the repository as it is part of the apache to apachen re-org and should
keep the file histories.. 

There really is not much significant to the changes but because of the
extra verbose NT makefiles the unidiff for all this comes out at over
300kB! Excluding the makefile changes there are only a few k's
worth of real .c file edits (and they are *all* path changes on #include

So I would like to

 (a) move nt to os/win32 in the repository
 (b) commit the changes to make it compiled under NT again

asap. Any objections? 


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