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From Stanley Gambarin <>
Subject c++ safing core
Date Fri, 08 Aug 1997 02:42:19 GMT

	I know iam going to get screamed on for this, but here goes:
With the recent port of the Apache web server to the Win32 platforms, 
it is reasonable to assume that some developers would want to create
their modules for Apache under Win95/NT, especially modules which 
target certain features that might not be present under Un*x systems, 
i.e. OLE, DCOM (even though i think there is one for Un*x), etc.
Since  most of the developers working on Win32 systems develop
their applications using C++ as a choice of an implementation language,
it is also reasonable to assume that they would want to develop their
Apache modules using C++.  Current implementation of the apache provides
no mechanism for easy integration of the C++ modules into apache server.
So, I think that we/you/us should at least make the header files C++
safe by adding 
	#ifdef __cplusplus
	extern "C" {
	...list of function prototypes
	#ifdef __cplusplus
to allow C++ developers to at least include header files from the core and
compile the apache and their modules using C++ compiler.  An extra step
would be to provide an actual C++ module that does absolutely nothing, but
sits there and hogs the CPU:)
In any case, what's your opinion, we'd like to know !!!.

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