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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Win32 name canonicalisation
Date Mon, 11 Aug 1997 22:30:53 GMT
On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Ben Laurie wrote:

> Actually, that wasn't quite perfect. I think this may be:

Yep, this one seems to work great. Thanks!

The question is where we want to put this. Here's my opinion: in
directory_walk, directly after the get_path_info() call (this way, the
path info won't be made lowercase). It would never be called if
r->filename is a "fake filename" (doesn't start with / or a drive
letter), but it shouldn't be called in that instance anyhow, so that's

Two concerns: First, FindFirstFile() expands out * and ?. Should we have
the function (how about os_canon_filename() as a name?) reject filenames
with those in it, or should we just let it expand them>

Second, <DirectoryMatch> and <FilesMatch>. When GetFullPathName() is
called, it adds a drive letter. So a <Directory> match that does not have
one (which will currently work - it will match the drive Apache's run
from) will never match. For <Directory> and <Files>, fine, we can call
os_canon_filename() on them before we add them in (that will help with
the case matching, too). But what we we do with regexes? We should add
REG_ICASE to regcomp() so that the case matching is insensitive, but
we're stuck with requiring drive letters to always be present. I don't
see this as a big deal, but I don't know.

Once we get this resolved, I can work up a patch.

-- Alexei Kosut <>

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