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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: got the license for InstallShield
Date Fri, 08 Aug 1997 18:09:34 GMT
On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> We got a license for InstallShield for Apache NT.  They'll be emailing the
> paperwork; I had it made out to "the Apache Group", which is what our code
> license is under.  This is InstallShield 5, with "Packaged for the Web",
> which means people just download an executable, run it, and it uncompresses
> itself and launches into the install process.  Woohoo!

Which installs exactly what? Here are my thoughts:

I suspect we should use this only for the binary version of Apache, not
for the source version (which should be identical to the Unix sources,
except for line breaks, as we do now).

As we've agreed before, since 99.9% of Windows users do not own
compilers, wheras 99.9% of Unix users do, it is perferable to more
tightly integrate binaries with the Windows release than we do with the
Unix ones. This means, for one thing, creating binary releases for each
and every release of Apache, including betas and maintenance releases (do
you know how many Unix binaries of 1.2.1 we have available? None). After
we hash this out, a lot will have to be added to

So I suspect we should do something like this with

/dist/apache_1.3.x.tar.gz           -  Unix tarred + gzipped source
/dist/apache_1.3.x.tar.Z            -  Unix tarred + compressed source
/dist/binaries/                     -  Unix binaries + source
/dist/windows/apache_1.3.x.exe      -  Win32 with InstallShield
/dist/windows/  -  Win32 zipped source

The fourth line down would be a binary version (no source) of the current
version of Apache, with an InstallShield that unpacked basically the

\Apache\conf\*                      - Conf files (Create if not already there?)
\Apache\logs\                       - Empty directory
\Apache\modules\*.dll               - Extension modules
\Apache\readme.txt                  - A readme file (to be written)
\Apache\htdocs\*                    - "It worked!"
\Apache\htdocs\manual\*             - docs

The Windows source file would be the same as the Unix one, except for
crlf linebreaks instead of lf.

I'd like to be able to include the tools that create the InstallShield
with the source releases, so that those downloading the source can play
with it. I suspect that the InstallShield license does not give us the
ability to do this (especially since the Apache license allows the Apache
distribution to be redistributed commercially, I'm 99% possitive the
InstallShield people wouldn't like). We would probably want to include
whatever configuration files InstallShield needs, though, so people who
owned InstallShield (including the Apache Group, when it creates the
binary version of Apache/Windows) could create our installer. Though I
have to admit I'm not that familiar with the program, so I may be wrong.

How does that all sound?

-- Alexei Kosut <>

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