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From David Robinson <>
Subject Re: Revivification of the CGI 'spec'
Date Tue, 19 Aug 1997 10:51:49 GMT
You might want to start with <URL:>
This version never actually was released as an Internet Draft, but is 
updated from the previous version by adding references to the HTTP/1.1 spec.

The IETF weren't interested in publishing this on the standards track, but
it was always my intention to publish it as an Informational RFC.

David Robinson
Technical Director
ESI Ltd.

P.S. I'm on holiday the rest of this week...

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>     Right, that's it then.  Anyone want to join me in trying - again -
>     to get the CGI 1.1 behaviour formalised in a real spec, and work
>     toward 1.2?  Roy thinks there's probably not much chance of going
>     through the RFC process, since it's an application protocol and not
>     a network one, but I'm up for trying anyway.  I haven't been in
>     touch with David about it yet, either, but something just pushed
>     this over the top..
>     I know a lot of people think CGI is kinda lame, and has poor
>     performance, and possesses other drawbacks as well.  For all that,
>     it's awfully popular.  Just because NCSA did something a particular
>     way doesn't mean we can't try to advance it - I think Apache's in a
>     position to do it.  mod_socgi (son of CGI)..
>     Anyone else interested in joining a crusade?

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