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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Location: header and CGI spec
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 01:16:00 GMT
If a CGI sends a:

	Location: /foo/

header, the CGI spec says:

     * Location
       This is used to specify to the server that you are returning a
       reference to a document rather than an actual document.
       If the argument to this is a URL, the server will issue a redirect
       to the client.
       If the argument to this is a virtual path, the server will
       retrieve the document specified as if the client had requested
       that document originally. ? directives will work in here, but #
       directives must be redirected back to the client.

That means the relative path should be fine, and Apache should
handle it.  Most of the time, it does that with an internal

However, if a CGI sends:

	Status: 302 goober
	Location: /foo/

then Apache returns a redirect with /foo/.  That is invalid according
to the spec, no?  Apache needs to either qualify it or handle it
internally, no?

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