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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject [POLL] Named log formatsand envar-based conditional logging
Date Wed, 27 Aug 1997 02:42:21 GMT
    Okey, this didn't catch any votes at all last time, one way or the
    other.  I think it got lost in the flurry.  Brian and Roy are -0,
    but Randy, Rob, and Elizabeth (and maybe others) have indicated
    possible +[01]  opinions.

    Here's the proposal again:

     1. Enhance LogFormat to work as either of
    	 LogFormat fmtname "format-string"
         LogFormat "format-string"-or-format-name

     2. Enhance CustomLog to
         CustomLog "format-string"-or-format-name
    	 CustomLog "format-string"-or-format-name env=[!]varname
    	(allows extension to other conditions besides envariables)


     CustomLog CLF logs/access_log
     LogFormat Referer "%{Referer}e -> %U"
     CustomLog Referer logs/referer_log env=LOG_REQUEST

    I think the former (the ability to name formats) will be very useful
    to sites with complex multi-vhost and multi-server configurations,
    particularly when  combined with the new Include directive.

    The second one (logging per-request based upon envariables) would
    allow things like ignoring logging for requests originating from
    particular net-locations, or referred from specific locations, or
    don't log requests for images, et cetera.

    These add very little size to the server (35 lines to the code and a
    4-entry table to memory), and not much overhead (one table_get()
    call) at run-time if not used.

    #ken    :-)}

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