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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject fyi: egcs project
Date Sat, 23 Aug 1997 04:40:06 GMT
This just came to my attention -- GCC development without the cathedral.

At <>....

egcs is an experimental step in the development of GCC, the GNU C

A bunch of us (including Fortran, Linux, Intel and RTEMS hackers) have
gotten together to return to the fundamental idea that code visibility and
submissions from the net are vital to the long term improvement of the
compiler. We are going to integrate variations and patches to GCC that
are floating around, including some front-ends like g77 (Fortran). We are
going to work closely with the free OS'es (e.g. Linux, *BSD) where GCC
is a critical piece of infrastructure. We invite you to join us. 

We want to work closely with contributors to help and encourage them
to submit their changes for inclusion in egcs. We'll make regular
snapshots publically available. We are looking at providing read-only
access via remote-CVS to anyone on the net, and read-write access to
certain external developers, in the manner already used in other Free
Software projects on the net. All code will continue to be assigned to the
FSF exactly as before and will be passed on to the gcc2 maintainers for
ultimate inclusion into the gcc2 tree. 

We will provide regular, high quality releases. We want those releases to
work well on a variety of native (including linux) and cross targets. We'd
like to get three releases out the door before the end of 1997, each with
new features as they become available. We want our first release out by
September, 1997. 

egcs is pronounced "eggs", the c is silent.

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