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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Tristate responses from module hooks
Date Thu, 21 Aug 1997 15:03:43 GMT
    I proposed this once before, but I don't think it resulted in any
    discussion.  If that happens this time too, I'll take the hint. <g>

    How about adding another response possible from module request-phase
    hooks: OK, DECLINED, and NEXT_PASS (or whatever)?

    The idea is to allow modules (such as mod_rewrite) to say, "I've
    done what I want to do, but I feel compelled to take a look at what
    any other you call after me modules do to make sure they don't
    scroodle me."

    The module-hook caller would make a note of the response from each

    1. If none return NEXT_PASS, we're finished.
    2. If any return NEXT_PASS, watch for subsequent ones returning OK
       or NEXT_PASS.  If none do, we're finished.
    3. Start over at the first NEXT_PASS hook, and re-call any that
       returned NEXT_PASS or OK the last time.  If the results are the
       same as last time, return a server error (probably a deadlock).
    4. Repeat [3] until everything returns either OK or DECLINED.

    There are probably flaws with this sequence.  Modules that want to
    use the call-me-if-anything-changes mechanism would need to maintain
    some sort of state, probably in the r->notes table.

    Just a wild idea, probably started by thinkos from that high-energy
    particle bombardment I accidentally wandered through.. <g>

    #ken    :-)}

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