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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Revivification of the CGI 'spec'
Date Tue, 19 Aug 1997 01:43:12 GMT
    Right, that's it then.  Anyone want to join me in trying - again -
    to get the CGI 1.1 behaviour formalised in a real spec, and work
    toward 1.2?  Roy thinks there's probably not much chance of going
    through the RFC process, since it's an application protocol and not
    a network one, but I'm up for trying anyway.  I haven't been in
    touch with David about it yet, either, but something just pushed
    this over the top..

    I know a lot of people think CGI is kinda lame, and has poor
    performance, and possesses other drawbacks as well.  For all that,
    it's awfully popular.  Just because NCSA did something a particular
    way doesn't mean we can't try to advance it - I think Apache's in a
    position to do it.  mod_socgi (son of CGI)..

    Anyone else interested in joining a crusade?


    #ken    %-}

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