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From George Carrette <>
Subject Re: Windows NT chap authentication protocol for http
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 08:53:45 GMT
>FYI - Digging around in DejaNews last night I ran across a guy who 
>was asking how to get in touch with the Apache group about giving 
>us some NTLM authentication code. Seems he is a member of the Samba 
>team. I've sent him mail to see if we can pull this in.

Bingo! I was going to suggest looking at the Samba code, having hacked
some very minor improvements to it years ago, and being a dedicated Samba
user ever since. Samba and Apache are similar in being high-impact net.efforts.

Beleive it or not, I'm most interested in implementing the client side of NTLM,
just because:
(1) a CHAP is enough better than a plaintext authentication to make it worth 
the extra effort.
(2) might as well implement an existing CHAP like NTLM rather than inventing yet
another variation!
(3) I'm already going through the effort of maintaining a NTLM encrypted 
for my Samba users, so might as well use it for Apache too.


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