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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: proxy screwup
Date Tue, 12 Aug 1997 20:41:50 GMT
>And unless I'm *severely* mistaken, Apache's proxy puts HTTP/1.0 in both
>the response and the request, no matter what it actually received from
>the origin server. Line 388 of proxy_http.c:
>        rvputs(r, "HTTP/1.0 ", r->status_line, "\015\012", NULL);

Ah, frag me!  What I saw was

/* we use the same protocol on output as on input */
        strcpy(outprotocol, inprotocol);
        buffer[12] = '\0';
/* write status line */
    if (!r->assbackwards)
        rvputs(r, "HTTP/1.0 ", r->status_line, "\015\012", NULL);
    if (cache != NULL)
        if (bvputs(cache, outprotocol, " ", r->status_line, "\015\012", NULL)
            == -1)

Which I suppose means we are sending HTTP/1.0 to the client but saving
the original HTTP-version to the cache file, which means we are sending
the original version only if the response is in the cache.
So, we are still broken, but not always.  Doh!


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