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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject More on setenvif
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 11:11:51 GMT
    Blimey!  I get away to the mountains for a few days, and new-httpd
    racks up over 800 messages!  I thought I had timed it well with
    Dean's new job so I wouldn't have so much mail to read.. <g>

    While I was relaxing, it occurred to me that the UnSetEnvIfZero
    directive does no good in its current incarnation; it will only
    handle those envariables set up by the setenvif module itself, and
    not mod_env or any others.

    So, here are some possibilities for dealing with this:

    1. Remove UnSetEnvIfZero altogether.
    2. Move the UnSet code into the fixup phase, and change the meaning
       to be "unset zero-valued envariables before any content can see
    3. Move UnSet into the core, and jacketise access to the
       r->subprocess_env table so that the jackets can apply this (and
       possibly future rules) orthogonally.

    [2] seems basically useless to me.  I would prefer [3], except that
    it would bulk up the core a little, add a limited number of routine
    calls, and require retrofitting stuff that currently pokes the table
    directly.  On the plus side, it *would* allow for the addition of
    rules governing envariables.  For 1.3, I'd say go with [1].


    #ken    :-)}

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