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From Sam Robb <>
Subject RE: localization of content/apache server
Date Fri, 08 Aug 1997 14:52:01 GMT
>>   True... but looking at one of our IIS installations,
>> I notice that the server has less than two dozen
>> registry entries, none larger than 64 bytes, and most
>> along the lines of "InstallDate", "MajorVersion",
>> "MinorVersion".  Wherever IIS keeps it's config info,
>> it certainly isn't in the registry.
>But they are ! All under the w3svc service registry entry !
>Even Directory mappings are there.

I stand corrected... should've known that MS
would split config info across 2-3 different
registry keys, I guess.  Given other comments
on the list (particularly the fact that Apache
reads config info once, at startup) any performance
gains from using the registry instead of config
files would be unnoticable.

>>   Sorry, I should have clarified that statement - Oracle Server and
>> Client for NT use that method.  Seems to work very well.
>Actually no, both are hit in the face by MS's IIS. May be that's the
>reason IIS has 90% market share on NT (that and it's free).

Oracle Database Server and Oracle's Database Client,
niether of which are competing with IIS (unless MS
is bundling SQL server with IIS now!)

As for Netscape Server being "hit in the face" by
IIS - I've run some performance tests with our system,
and seen some differences, but certainly not enough
to make a compelling argument for moving from NS to IIS.
The price and ASP support are much more convincing.

- Samrobb (
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