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From Sam Robb <>
Subject RE: localization of content/apache server
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 13:39:39 GMT
>>    configuration information is extensive), MS recommends
>>    using the registry to store the paths to the config
>>    files.  
> MS recommend to use files IF the value size to be stored is 
> larger then 2K. A major benefit of the NT registry is that the
> values are largely cached and therefore really fast.

  True... but looking at one of our IIS installations,
I notice that the server has less than two dozen
registry entries, none larger than 64 bytes, and most
along the lines of "InstallDate", "MajorVersion",
"MinorVersion".  Wherever IIS keeps it's config info,
it certainly isn't in the registry.

>>    Both Netscape and Oracle use this method on NT.
> Well... As a matter of fact i build the Oracle WebServer for NT.

  Sorry, I should have clarified that statement - Oracle Server and
Client for NT use that method.  Seems to work very well.

> The general rule on NT is to follow what MS is doing, whether 
> you like it or not, since that is most times the most efficient way
> to do something on NT.

  Most effecient way on NT, yes.  As someone's already pointed out,
though, it would mean very different config implementations for
NT and Unix - and different documentation, as well.  The goal is
to port Apache to NT, not to completely transmogrify the wee beastie.

>- Limited number of threads per processor (a max. number)
> After that they switch to use fibers.

  Interesting - I wasn't aware of this.  Can you point me at some
documentation or an explanation of how they manage it?

- Samrobb (
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