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From Francois Beauregard <>
Subject Re: os-windows/970: Everything pulled off of the server stops reading after only 16384 bytes. (fwd)
Date Wed, 06 Aug 1997 18:32:12 GMT
At 13:19 97-08-06 -0500, you wrote:
>> "reintall windows and try again".  Sigh.
>> Hard to imagine any misconfiguration which could cause it to chop at 16k.
>> Perhaps MS has a hidden license limitation on NT so servers other than IIS
>> can only send 16k.  <g>  I would beleive it, but he says he is using
>> server not workstation...
>> We need a few more NT slaves I think.
>I'd be willing to fire up a binary if someone could provide one. I 
>don't have VC++ and don't intend to have it anytime soon. I had 
>planned to give the GNUWin32 gcc a try once I find time to convince 
>my NT nightmare to mount network resources.  All-in-all, my NT 
>experience has left me much more comfortable about the future of 
>UNIX. :-)

I do understand you, we were a "NT shop" only, not long ago...

It's maybe why we are now building all our software's "GUI" interface with
multi-platform libraries... so we can tell a customer he can fall back to
"X Window" or "Motif" under any flavor of unix if needed ;-)

I haven't been able to "trust" NT with a firewall setup either... strange
isn't it 8-)


Francois Beauregard
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