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From Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Subject Re: [POLL] Named log formatsand envar-based conditional logging
Date Wed, 27 Aug 1997 18:07:20 GMT
At 18:43 8/27/97 +0100, Rob Harthill wrote:
>Aside from the issue in question, it has been the tradition on this
>list for some time now to only accept "votes" on patches/ideas from
>those who have settled in as contributors.

Ok, fair enough.  Ideas I have enough  ;-)  Patches, not yet really.

The only thing I've patched so far for myself (nowhere near ready to submit
before this forum) is mod_log_config: appending the current date in the
form of YYYYMMDD to the name of the log file when it is first opened.
Together with a cron that does a restart at midnight, it nicely creates
day-to-day logs without having to pipe it through a program.  It should be
configurable and it should work correctly with graceful restarts.  It
doesn't now.

>... No offense to Elizabeth
>but I've only seen a handful of postings from her to date and nonthing
>substantial as far as I can remember. It's a fuzzy kind of rule so I
>can't blame people for going with the flow and doing as others do.

That's exactly what I was doing...   going with the flow...  No idea there
were any "rules" like this.  Anyway, I'll be happy to continue to throw in
arguments now and then if that's ok with the rest of the bunch and refrain
from +ing and -ing until I'm "qualified"...

>Elizabeth, keep on pitching in. We just need to get to know you
>better before we use your votes to determine the way forward.

Would it be an idea to submit a "formal" introduction, or would this list
not be the right forum for that?

Elizabeth Mattijsen
xxLINK Internet Services

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