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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Dean broke things again :)
Date Tue, 12 Aug 1997 03:21:38 GMT

It looks like Dean's directory_walk optimizations, committed on August 8th,
broke content negotiation on "DirectoryIndex index" configurations.  Hey,
that's getting to be a pretty good litmus test :)  Currently, such a
configuration will fail to recognize "index.html" as a variant, and instead
return a directory index.  Curiously, that same patch seems to also fix the
PATH_INFO CGI problem we had earlier, the one which the patch right before
it (also from Dean) apparently did *not* fix, even though Dean thought it
would.  I.e.
  *) Fix a bug introduced in 1.3a1 directory_walk regarding .htaccess files
     and corrupted paths.  [Dean Gaudet]

didn't fix the PATH_INFO problem (where we were getting seg faults when
PATH_INFO was /perl or /java or any other 4-length directory which actually
existed as PATH_TRANSLATED).  

  *) directory_walk optimization to reduce an O(N*M) loop to O(N+M) where
     N is the number of <Directory> sections, and M is the number of
     components in the filename of an object.

     To achieve this optimization the following config changes were made:
        - Wildcards (* and ?, not the regex forms) in <Directory>s,
          <Files>s, and <Location>s now treat a slash as a special
          character.  For example "/home/*/public_html" previously would
          match "/home/a/andrew/public_html", now it only matches things
          like "/home/bob/public_html".  This mimics /bin/sh behaviour.
        - It's possible now to use [] wildcarding in <Directory>, <Files>
          or <Location>.
        - Regex <Directory>s are applied after all non-regex <Directory>s.
    [Dean Gaudet]

This fixed the PATH_INFO problem but it also introduced the new problem,
where "DirectoryIndex index" would no longer work.

Any ideas?  


"Why not?" - TL  - -

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