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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject GII US Awards - Call for Entries, only 4 weeks left!
Date Tue, 05 Aug 1997 01:53:48 GMT

I entered us last year in this and we didn't win; I won't disparage the
winners who were mostly quite worthy, but I'm not eager to re-enter us. 
Anyone else want a shot?



<excerpt>X-Sender: jp@

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 13:47:12 -0800

To: (Friends of the Awards)

From: "Staff" <<>

Subject: GII US Awards - Call for Entries, only 4 weeks left!

<fontfamily><param>Courier</param><bigger>To: Friends, colleagues,
associates, and the extended Global Information Infrastructure (GII)
Awards family


As many of you already know, the 1997 GII US Awards Call for Entries
(deadline:August 27) is officially underway. Our website has moved, and
is now located at . Please stop by and visit! We're
very excited about this year's competition.

Since you're our very best resource, we're writing to ask your assistance
in spreading the word about the program. With only one month to go until
the deadline, we'd appreciate any support you can lend us.


We want to make sure that the most outstanding networked applications out
there don't just think about it, but actually *enter* the Awards! Here's
what we'd love for you to do:

First, if you *know about* amazing projects:

- Go to our entry nomination form at and
quickly nominate them. (What we're looking for: applications that
dramatically demonstrate the power and potential of networked
communications technology.)

- Then, contact the people who have created these worthy projects
directly, and urge them to enter -- especially helpful when they're your
friends, clients, etc.. (In this busy world of ours, they may need a
friendly nudge or two!) If you can attach a personal message to our
standard blurb (, that would be ideal.

Second, if you *have* an amazing project:

- Skip the nomination step and go directly to the Entry Form (linked off
our homepage at - then follow the "Enter Now" link.
Entry instructions and a worksheet are available to help you prepare your

Our entry strategy is quality rather than quantity driven -- we simply
want to recognize and reward the most deserving projects. Please send us
the very best you know of, and help us make sure they follow through and


We'd also appreciate your suggestions for qualified judges. We are
seeking independent, respected experts in this year's categories of Arts
& Entertainment, Children, Commerce, Community, Education, Health,
Government, Netpreneur, Next Generation, Promise and Public Access
(category definitions are at
Judging takes place in September and October. To nominate a judge, visit
our website at and suggest qualified
candidates to us (self-nominations are welcome, of course).

Thanks so much for your assistance, we appreciate your support of our


The GII US Awards Team




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