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From "Philip A. Prindeville" <>
Subject Re: Hyperreal II
Date Thu, 28 Aug 1997 00:11:16 GMT
	The Intels are a bit cheaper and work better under FreeBSD.

	>   Yamaha CD-R 400
	>   Quantum 9.1G UW hd (I'll be using hd's from the current taz too)
	4 - 2GB would be better.

I concur with Randy here.  In the high-performance (7200rpm, <8ms)
disk drives, 4 or 4.5 GB is about as high as you want to go.  In a
rack-mount configuration where ventillation might be a problem,
this is especially true.  I'm running 3x 4.5GB Quantum Atlas II
drives with an Adaptec AAA-133 (3 channel SCSI-UW RAID controller)
and have had no problems, even though the box is "packed" and it
often reaches 85+ degrees here.


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