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From Mark Bixby <>
Subject news from HPWorld
Date Wed, 27 Aug 1997 17:58:58 GMT
Yesterday at the HPWorld97 conference, HP announced a deal with Netscape that
results in their FastTrack server being ported to, bundled with, and officially
supported on their HP3000 MPE machines.  Availability sometime in 1Q98.

However, HP views Apache as an important web server solution for the 3000 line,
and will be taking over my job of verifying that each new Apache release
will still compile on MPE machines, generating a binary distribution and
providing it for download from one of their web sites, plus possibly finishing
the ports of certain modules that I so far haven't had time to do (db*, proxy,

So I can update my Apache MPE port web page, can anybody off of the top of 
their head give me a quick compare/contrast between the feature set of FastTrack
vs. Apache.  I.e. FastTrack has the pretty config GUI but Apache does not, 
Apache does vhosts but FastTrack does not, etc?

Also, can any meaningful conclusions be drawn from benchmarking comparisons
between Apache and FastTrack on any non-MPE platforms?  Once the MPE FastTrack
is available, I do plan to do some performance testing....

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