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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Gee1 I want.... I'd like to see.... (fwd)
Date Wed, 27 Aug 1997 14:24:03 GMT
> At 09:36 8/27/97 +0100, Rob Harthill wrote:
> >I remember postgres being mentioned a few times on this list a couple of
> >years back. Can anyone point this user in the right direction ?
> >---------- Forwarded message ----------
> >I'm curious as to why Apache includes modules to access DBM and mSQL
> >databases, but not Postgresql? Is there something about Postgres that
> >gives you a reason NOT to support it? Is a module in the works
> >somewhere?
> This has come up several times on the PHP list already.  There is no
> technical reason as such not to use Postgresql, but there is a performance
> one.  Apparently the overhead of setting up a connection is such, that is
> it not advisable to use Postgresql for these types of operation.  Nobody
> has therefore taken the trouble to set it up.

Horse pucky.  I've used mod_auth_pg95 for years. I'll contact the 
poster. For others here, 
has a link to the module.

> Elizabeth Mattijsen
> xxLINK Internet Services

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