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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: ssh
Date Tue, 26 Aug 1997 07:24:41 GMT
Alexei wrote,
> CVS on Windows automatically converts Unix linebreaks to Windows and
> back. It would be very hard to do NT development if you had to manually
> convert each file back and forth before you did a cvs update, a cvs diff,
> a cvs commit, a cvs *anything*.

Right. I use the Win95/NT version ov CVS here at work, and it works
reasonably well and stable enough (once the definition of binary vs.
text files has been done in a project).

> Annoying, to say the least. And there may not be a "local unix box," if
> you're working with a Windows machine from home, for example.

Ehem... In my case, OF COURSE there is one... Two, that is.
cvs from windoze at home - that's not what I intend to use much.

> And the fact is, as long as Brian allows telnet access, or FTP access, or
> anything of the sort, you're still going to have passwords transmitted in
> the clear. And we move to a dedicated Apache machine, I suspect Brian
> can't disable all non-encrypted access to hyperreal very easily.

The fact that pserver passwords are stored and transmitted almost in
plain text has always annoyed me, and I wish there were a more secure
(and less sniffable) method of CVS authentication.

Anyway, I tried to fetch a current apache tree via modem yesterday; it
might be workable. I mean, once the tree is there, the diffs are much
smaller and require only little traffic. What happens if the link breaks
down during "cvs up" or "cvs ci"? Are lock files left on the server?

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