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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: cvs snapshot troubles
Date Mon, 25 Aug 1997 23:55:31 GMT
Marc Slemko <> wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Doug MacEachern wrote:
> > with the latest cvs snapshot, and nothing more than:
> Don't use snapshots, use anoncvs.
> (no, that isn't your problem.  I just like saying to use anoncvs.)

I tried with both from-cvs and 'cvs checkout apachen'

> > cp Configuration.tmpl Configuration
> > ./Configure && make
> > 
> > under hpux-10-10 I get:
> > 
> >         make CC='gcc' AUX_CFLAGS=' -DHPUX10 ' RANLIB='ranlib')
> >         (cd standard; make CC='gcc' AUX_CFLAGS=' -DHPUX10 ' RANLIB='ranlib')
> > Make: line 48: syntax error.  Stop.
> > *** Error exit code 1
> What if you do a "cd standard; make" from the command line?  What if you
> do one with the above flags from the command line?  What if you remove the
> spaces from -DHPUX10?

Thats not it, OBJS is empty:

all:	$(OBJS)
#line 48 below 
$(OBJS): Makefile
mod_access.o: mod_access.c $(INCDIR)/httpd.h $(INCDIR)/conf.h \
	$(INCDIR)/alloc.h $(INCDIR)/buff.h $(INCDIR)/http_core.h \
	$(INCDIR)/http_config.h $(INCDIR)/http_log.h \
under solaris, OBJS=mod_env.o mod_log_config.o ...

If I copy-n-paste this line into the hpux Makefile, now I get:
modules.c:9: garbage at end of number
modules.c:9: parse error before `500_module'   

hmm, looking at modules.c _everything_ is `500_module' except
core_module.  Looks like Configure under hpux 10.10 is broken, I can't
look further at the moment.

> Your solaris is too old.  Well, more to the point Dean's code is to new.
> It appears that 2.4 doesn't support pthreads, so you will have to change
> conf.h to use another serialized accept.  I guess this should be changed
> to only use pthread serialized accept for v2.5(?) and greater.

eek.  With Dean's #ifdef fix and taking -lpthread out of LIBS, all is
well with my old solaris. 


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