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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] unreadable .htaccess
Date Sun, 24 Aug 1997 22:47:58 GMT
+1 on this patch

Perhaps we should be returning HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED?  Seems that might 
point to the source of the problem best.

> Reposted; minor change since the first posting by adding ENOTDIR.
> I'm interested in if people think HTTP_FORBIDDEN or
> HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR is the more appropriate.  
> My view is that part of the resource is how the .htaccess file says it
> should be presented, so if we can't read the .htaccess we can't read part
> of the resource so forbidden is appropriate.
> If you do server error, then the following situation:
>     $ mkdir ~/public_html/dir
>     $ chmod 700 !$
>     $ lynx http://localhost/~user/dir/
> will give a server error, which is counterintuitive in some ways.  The
> current interpretation of forbidden does not just apply to the final file.
> In any case, I could go for either so majority feedback probably wins.

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