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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [PATCH] sourcereorg.html - fix a few typos (and: a question)
Date Thu, 21 Aug 1997 19:18:49 GMT
I tried to send this from my home address, but the list seems to suppress
mail from people who are not subscribed -- good idea, too (against SPAM).

Here's a patch against sourcereorg.html: it fixes a few typos. Note that I
did NOT convert british english to american english (but do british really
say "organisated" for "organized"?)...

Open questions:
1: should we suggest "module package" creators to use src/modules/ as base
   directory (as it is currently), or would it be better to suggest src/ for
   the creation of both tar'ed or diff'ed "module packages"? The advantage of
   src/ as base directory is that it allows diff'ed (patch) packages to add
   entries to Configuration.tmpl, which would be impossible with a base dir
   in src/modules/ .

2: the examples with ConfigStart...ConfigEnd shell script parts do not deal
   with an error situation where, e.g., $DBM_LIB is required but not found.
   Should an ..else.. branch be added to the script snippet?

Anyway, here comes the patch.
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