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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_speling, in src/modules/standard/, & bug fix
Date Thu, 21 Aug 1997 18:57:41 GMT
Another version of Alexei's mod_speling (updated for 1.3).
This time,
    *   it lives in src/modules/standard/

    *   there's no extra Makefile

    *   there's a _not_enabled_ section in Configuration.tmpl

    *   the mod_speling.html says it's a standard (not enabled) module
	as of 1.3 (it used to say it's an extra module)

    *   there's a BUG FIX: when apache finds a broken symlink, it doesn't
	serve it. But mod_speling found it when scanning the directory
	and sent a redirect to it.... Next time, apache wouldn't serve
	the broken link, and mod_speling would send a redirect to it. get it...?

    *   made functions and symbols static so as to not clutter the namespace.

    *   added Alexei's reasons why it might be advisable to enable the
	WANT_BASENAME_MATCH part of mod_speling

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