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From Patrick Michael Kane <>
Subject 1.2.3 and fastcgi
Date Thu, 21 Aug 1997 19:12:25 GMT

I have been runing 1.2.1 with the 2.0beta FastCGI module installed.  The
server is configured with two different appclass's in <VirtualHost>
directives.  Under 1.2.1, each VirtualHost uses the correct AppClass for its
FastCGI requests.  When I upgrade to 1.2.3, however, all FastCGI requests
are received by a single AppClass, despite the fact that both are started at
boot time.

I imagine this has something to do with the new VirtualHost behavior in
1.2.3.  The relevant portions of my httpd.conf follow my signature.

TIA for any pointers.
Patrick Kane
The Electronic Newsstand

- Nisi mihi pecuniam omnem dabis, caput tuum mehercule saxo frangam

# Other directives snipped
AppClass /opt/VGNStSrv/StoryServer/config/narcissus-80-1/curl.fcg -processes 4
Alias /StoryServer /opt/VGNStSrv/StoryServer/config/narcissus-80-1/docroot
Alias / /opt/VGNStSrv/StoryServer/config/narcissus-80-1/curl.fcg/
AddHandler fastcgi-script fcg

<VirtualHost _default_>
# Other directives snipped
AppClass /opt/VGNStSrv/StoryServer/config/narcissus-80-2/curl.fcg -processes 8
AddHandler fastcgi-script fcg
Alias / /opt/VGNStSrv/StoryServer/config/narcissus-80-2/curl.fcg/

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