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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] to allow naming of logfile formats
Date Tue, 19 Aug 1997 18:15:37 GMT
> >> 
> >>      DefineLogFormat myformat "Private format: \"%r\""
> >
> >Why can LogFormat be changed to allow this with the reversed order?
>     I assume you mean "why can't".  No particular reason - except that
>     it would name it and apply it in a single step.  That's like
>     definition-by-first-use, like Perl scalars.  If you used LogFormat
>     as the only way to define the names, you'd be changing the default
>     format each time - and the last use would dominate.
>     Or do you mean "if two args, define only"?  Then -1 on the
>     "format name" syntax rather than "name format" - that's like
>     "23 = x".
>     If you want "LogFormat format-string" to set the default, and
>     "LogFormat format-name format-string" I *might* be convinced, but I
>     really don't like directives that are sometimes passive and
>     sometimes active.  And I'm not keen on "'LogFormat name format'
>     defines the format, but 'LogFormat format' applies it."  Yggh.
>     Honestly, I'm going to stop writing feature patches.  Somebody
>     always finds something wrong with them or else wants more..
>     #ken    :-)}

I guess in short, I like the idea, but would like to find a way to 
do it without another directive. Seems that using the existing 
syntax for LogFormat with an added option of tagging that format 
with a name would accomplish that. I admit that I have not looked 
much at the storage limitations. Just a thought.

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