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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: [STATUS] Apache 1.2.3 (Mon 18-Aug-1997 19:46 MET DST)
Date Tue, 19 Aug 1997 07:01:54 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> >           - Moving the distribution file into 
> >   {gz,Z}

> That tar file does not include the logs directory.  It needs to be
> rebuilt with the log directory or the default install will not work.
> [Not a code change, so don't worry about the version number.]

Oops, this is really interesting. Really. I'm sure I've cut & paste all
commands from how_to_release. Either way I've rerolled it now and _AGAIN_ it
was missing. Why? Hmmm... because the tarball content sorting I've done didn't
honor _empty_ directories (which usually is not what the creator wants, but we
are an exception).  So, I've fixed the commands in how_to_release and rerolled
the tarball with the new creation commands. And _NOW_ the logs/ dir is there,

Thanks for finding this bug.
(Changes to how_to_release were comitted, too.)

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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