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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: modules to include in binary releases
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 16:31:13 GMT
> Let's make an attempt to standardize what modules should be compiled into
> binary releases.  My suggestions follow.
> I have changed my tune, and now think that all reasonable modules should
> be included.
> point: if someone really cared about performance, they would compile
> their own server.
> point: if someone isn't able to compile their own server, they will
> be mighty lost if a module they want isn't included.
> Traditionally this has not been how things are done.  Anyone want 
> to agree with me, or have I gone crazy?

Well... erm..

Check my mail just prior to the 1.2 release. I have always built 
binaries to include pretty much everything except mod_proxy, 
mod_usertrack, mod_log_referer and mod_digest.

> Obviously, which *db* modules are included depends on the platform.
> Or do we want two binaries; a basic and a full featured.  That is nearly
> zero extra work for me, since I will be building them all by script
> anyway.
> Module env_module          mod_env.o
> Module config_log_module   mod_log_config.o
> Module agent_log_module    mod_log_agent.o
> Module referer_log_module  mod_log_referer.o
> Module mime_module         mod_mime.o
> Module negotiation_module  mod_negotiation.o
> Module status_module       mod_status.o
> Module info_module         mod_info.o
> Module includes_module     mod_include.o
> Module dir_module          mod_dir.o
> Module cgi_module          mod_cgi.o
> Module asis_module         mod_asis.o
> Module imap_module         mod_imap.o
> Module action_module       mod_actions.o
> Module userdir_module      mod_userdir.o
> Module proxy_module        modules/proxy/libproxy.a
> Module alias_module        mod_alias.o
> Module rewrite_module      mod_rewrite.o
> Module access_module       mod_access.o
> Module auth_module         mod_auth.o
> Module anon_auth_module    mod_auth_anon.o
> Module db_auth_module      mod_auth_db.o
> Module dbm_auth_module     mod_auth_dbm.o
> Module cern_meta_module    mod_cern_meta.o
> Module expires_module      mod_expires.o
> Module headers_module      mod_headers.o
> Module browser_module      mod_browser.o

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