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From "Eric Esselink" <>
Subject Re: New server
Date Fri, 15 Aug 1997 18:17:23 GMT
You always have people trying to re-invent the wheel...
Most times they make square or triangle wheels !

> From: Paul Sutton <>
> To:
> Subject: New server
> Date: Friday, August 15, 1997 2:27 AM
> A new Unix & windows free server has been annouced in
> comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix. For those that haven't seen it, here
> the announcement. What is interesting is that it *seems* to have a well
> developed set of APIs as well as a lot of in-built features.... 
> Paul
> ----
> This posting announces the beta release of a new HTTP server for UNIX and
> Windows(32-bit) platforms. Pi3Web includes CGI, Windows CGI, FastCGI, SSI
> (with custom extensions), Virtual hosting, configurable logging, server
> extension API, IO protocol/filter API, nested API modules and a built-in
> expression language for dynamic pages and programmable request handling. 
> Distribution is from:
> The server is distributed with example CGI, Windows CGI, a features
> overview and full API documentation. Also included is example
> configurations for features, internet, personal, proxy and development
> favours of HTTP server. 
> Pi3Web is fully multithreaded on all deployed platforms to improve
> connection volume. On some platforms that do not natively support
> Pi3Web includes a threads library for user context based multithreading. 
> Additionally, UNIX versions use a multiple process implementation for
> lower latency and greater fault tolerance. 
> This HTTP server would be of most interest to those involved in Internet
> application development or those needing greater flexibility to
> with highly customized configurations or server internals. 
> Pi3Web is provided free for commercial and non-commercial uses, in source
> code package or binary installation form. Binary installations are
> provided for the following platforms. 
> - Windows 95 or NT (3.51 or greater), on x86 machine
> - Linux (ELF build 2.0) on x86 machine
> - Solaris 2.x on sparc platform.
> The server is a work in progress. An HTTP proxy module for configuration
> as an HTTP caching or filtering proxy is under development and included. 
> The current distributions do not include any SSL capabilities, although
> the IO filter API allows third party SSL implementations to be easily
> added. 
> Enjoy,
> John

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