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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject [STATUS] Apache 1.2.3 (Fri 15-Aug-1997 13:47 MET DST)
Date Fri, 15 Aug 1997 11:47:36 GMT

STATUS for Apache 1.2.3

Release Status:

      Apache 1.2.2 was canceled because the pre-release tarballs were already
      rolled with a server version named 1.2.2 instead of 1.2.2-dev and a few
      of us (at least Marc, Ken, Ben, Lars and Paul) really want to avoid any
      confusion, especially related to occuring bugreports, etc. Because at
      least some people have grabbed the pre-release tarballs, even when they
      were only put on  This
      directoy was removed now.

      So now we treat 1.2.2 as a never released version which existed only for
      internal tests and bumped up the version number to 1.2.3-dev.  A new
      pre-release was rolled again. Now correctly tagged 1.2.3-dev!! We now
      start a real test cycle with 1.2.3-dev for the various platform (see
      table below).

    o The current pre-release tarball for testing can be found here:


       +----- [ essential platform which we really need to test successfully
       |        PLEASE ADJUST! ]
       V Operating System   Tag Name                  Compiles Runs     Binary
       - ------------------ ------------------------- -------- -------- ------
       x AIX 4.1.x          rs6000-ibm-aix4.1         lars +1  ??       --
       x HP/UX 9.07         hppa11-hp-hpux9.07        ??       ??       --
       x HP/UX 10.20        hppa11-hp-hpux10.20       rse +1   ??       --
         MPE/iX 5.5         hp3000-hp-mpeix5.5        mdb +1   mdb +1   --
       x IRIX 5.3           mips-sgi-irix5.3          paul +1  ??       --
       x IRIX 6.2           mips-sgi-irix6.2          rse +1   ??       --
         Ultrix 4.4         mips-dec-ultrix4.4        lars +1  ??       --
       x Solaris 2.5.x      sparc-sun-solaris2.5      rse +1   ??       --
         Solaris/X86 2.5.x  ix86-unknown-solaris2.5   ??       ??       --
       x SunOS 4.1.3        sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3      rse +1   ??       --
         SunOS 4.1.4        sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4      lars +1  ??       --
       x Digital Unix 3.2   alpha-dec-dunix3.2        ??       ??       --
         Digital Unix 4.0   alpha-dec-dunix4.0        lars +0  ??       --
         SCO OpenServer 3   ix86-sco-openserver3      ??       ??       --
       x SCO OpenServer 5   ix86-sco-openserver5      ??       ??       --
         BSD/OS 2.0         ix86-unknown-bsdos2.0     ??       ??       --
       x BSD/OS 2.1         ix86-unknown-bsdos2.1     rse +0   ??       --
       x FreeBSD 2.1.5      ix86-unknown-freebsd2.1.5 rse +1   rse +1   --
       x FreeBSD 2.2.x      ix86-unknown-freebsd2.2   rse +1   rse +1   --
         FreeBSD 2.2-STABLE ix86-unknown-freebsd2.2   jj +1    jj +1    --
         FreeBSD 3.0-SNAP   ix86-unknown-freebsd3.0   dvg +1   ??       --
         NetBSD 1.1         ix86-unknown-netbsd1.1    ??       ??       --
         NetBSD 1.1         vax-unknown-netbsd1.1     lars +1  ??       --
         OpenBSD 2.0        pmax-unknown-openbsd2.0   lars +1  ??       --
         OpenBSD 2.1        ix86-unknown-openbsd2.1   ??       ??       --
       x Linux 2.0.x        ix86-unknown-linux2.0.x   rse +1   ??       --
       x Unixware 1.1.x     ix86-unknown-unixware1.1  ??       ??       --
         A/UX 3.1.x         m68k-apple-aux3.1         jj +1    jj +1    --
         SINIX-N 5.43       mipseb-sni-sysv4          MnKr +1  ??       --

         [dvg = Dirk van Gulik; mdb = Mark Bixby, MnKr = Martin Kraemer]

    o Still known problems with compilation and/or runtime:
      (When any occur we fix it immediateley in 1.2.3-dev
       and roll a new pre-release)

      - HARMLESS: Under IRIX 5.3 I was unable to compile with GCC because of
        the regex library. First regcomp.c fails with a lot of errors due to
        missing defines for system include files sys/types.h.  After setting
        "EXTRA_CFLAGS=-D_MIPS_SZINT=32 -D_MIPS_SZLONG=32" these were gone but
        then gcc is still not happy. It shouts with a lot of warnings and
        errors. After manually switching to CC=cc all compiles fine. [rse]
        => What should we do? Dean thinks forcing CC=cc by Configure
           is NOT the correct thing. So what else should we do for IRIX?

      - HARMLESS: On taz (BSD/OS 2.1) it compiles only with CC=cc because the
        gcc (found by Configure) there (=/usr/local/bin/gcc) needs an
        additional -lbind because of inet_addr and inet_ntoa. No real problem
        with Apache, I think, but a little one on taz itself.  [rse]
        => We can ignore this because seems to be related
           to the BIND 8.1 installation and not to BSD/OS itself.

      - HARMLESS: "Digital Unix 4.0 throws a bunch of casting warnings"
        when compiling with gcc [Lars]

    o Votes for final release:
      (Should be dependend on the success of all essential platforms,
       at least for compilation!)

      - <NONE>

Patches already committed between 1.2.2 and 1.2.3: 
(see ``src/CHANGES'' file for more details)

    o -<NONE>-

Patches which were committed between 1.2.1 and 1.2.2: 
(see ``src/CHANGES'' file for more details)

    o PR#813,814: obscure proxy stuff (case on Host:, etc.)
    o PR#797: fix mod_include logging a little...
    o PR#378 part 1: Fix handling of request body in core
    o API Symbol APACHE_RELEASE provides numeric form
    o PR#094: revisited
    o PR#848: treat <files> container like others in mod_info. 
    o PR#815: wrong length in get_client_block() 
    o PR#875: MSIE 4.0 PR2 workaround ("downgrade-1.0")
    o PR#421,868: mod_auth_anon logs multiple times
    o PR#777/+++: final sync of mod_rewrite for Apache 1.2.2
    o mod_include: handle_else was being used to handle endif. 
    o merging in of all essential documentation changes from 1.3
    o merging of updated mod_rewrite documentation after final sync
    o PR#748: mod_imap infinite loop for references above serverroot
    o fixed case where multiple <Directory>s match and all are applied 
    o PR#832: fixed solaris -HUP problems with slack fd
    o fixed improper vhost merging of <Location> and <Directory>
    o patch for buff.c for better chunking and error handling.
    o patch for http_main.c: add missing logfile display
    o patch for http_request.c: avoid a too optimistic optimization

Patches available:
(see ``patches.txt'' MIME-attachment)

    o [patch.convexport] (PORT)
      Jeff Venters's patch to enhance the Convex OS port
      Status: RSE +1

    o [patch.proxyscrewup] (BUGFIX)
      Roy's all-in-one patch for fixing a lot of problems with mod_proxy
      Status: Roy +1

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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