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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: 1.2.2 vs 1.2.3??
Date Tue, 12 Aug 1997 11:46:04 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> From the fingers of Ralf S. Engelschall flowed the following:

> >Ok, some of us decided that the rolled pre-releases for 1.2.2 could lead to
> >confusion  because of the missing -dev in the version number. I accept this
> >and have to say sorry. So, we should roll a new pre-release for in-depth
> >testing with a concrete platform list. I spent some time and prepared a new
> >STATUS 1.2.3 message but don't want to post it as such because only three
> >members (Marc, Ken and Ben) said they really want 1.2.3. 

>     In the absence of a veto that constitutes a quorum.  Add Lars, too -
>     that makes four.

Ok, ok, we go for 1.2.3-dev now. That's enough, that's enough... ;-)

> >STATUS for Apache 1.2.3
> >=======================
> >
> >Release Status:
> >
> >    o IMPORTANT:
> >      So now we treat 1.2.2 as a never released version which existed only for
> >      internal tests and bumped up the version number to 1.2.3-dev.  A new
> >      pre-release was rolled again. Now correctly tagged 1.2.3-dev!! We now
> >      start a real test cycle with 1.2.3-dev for the various platform (see
> >      table below).

>     As long as the internal version number stays "1.2.3-dev" until the
>     atomic tag-roll-and-release, goodness.

Yes, I personally make sure that it stays 1.2.3-dev now until someone
explicitly says "Ralf, now you can tag-roll-and-release the final tarball". 

> >

>     Erm, well, I tried to fetch it but it doesn't exist yet.  Teach me
>     to turn my clock ahead!

It still doesn't exists because up to now we never were really sure if 1.2.3
is the number or 1.2.2. This is the reason I posted this not with "official"
subject "[STATUS]...."

> >    o Still known problems with compilation and/or runtime:
> >      (When any occur we fix it immediatley in 1.2.3-dev
> >       and roll a new pre-release)

>     New item (not sure if it's in the 1.2 branch or not): Brian's report
>     of Dean's bug du jour <g> with contneg on DirectoryIndex and vhosts.
>     If the patch that introduced this was applied to the 1.2 branch, we
>     should hold up 1.2.3 until Dean fixes it.  Brian, can you run a
>     1.2.x server parallel to the one where you encountered this (same
>     config files) and see if the bug's in 1.2.[23]-dev?

This patch from Dean was about the O(N*M) -> O(N+M) and this particular one
was not applied to APACHE_1_2_X as far as I know. Dean?

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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