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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Re-org on NT
Date Tue, 12 Aug 1997 10:23:11 GMT
+1... go for it.

Paul Sutton wrote:
> The currently re-organised sources do not compile on NT. I have a local
> version which does compile on NT, which involved making the following
> changes:
>   - Move src/nt to src/os/win32 (OS abstraction)
>   - Update the .dsp and .mak files in this dir to reflect that fact that
>     they are one directory lower (e.g. change -I..\regex to -I..\..\regex)
>   - Update all the *.dsp and *.mak files to include from the new core
>     directory
>   - Update ApacheCore.dsp/mak to refer to files in their new locations
>   - Update the os/win32/*.c files to remove relative include pathnames
>     (e.g. #include "../httpd.h" becomes "#include httpd.h")
>   - Update relative references to nt dir to os/win32 dir in c files
>   - Update makefile.nt to do "cd os\win32" instead of "cd nt"
> The only significant change is moving src/nt to src/os/win32, which is a
> better location of the OS specific files anyway. This should be done in
> the repository as it is part of the apache to apachen re-org and should
> keep the file histories.. 
> There really is not much significant to the changes but because of the
> extra verbose NT makefiles the unidiff for all this comes out at over
> 300kB! Excluding the makefile changes there are only a few k's
> worth of real .c file edits (and they are *all* path changes on #include
> lines).
> So I would like to
>  (a) move nt to os/win32 in the repository
>  (b) commit the changes to make it compiled under NT again
> asap. Any objections? 
> //pcs

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