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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [CFV]: mod_speling revived
Date Fri, 08 Aug 1997 22:50:01 GMT

Here's Alexei's speling module, updated to cover the following points:

*   the module API is adapted to 1.3 (two extra NULL pointer initialization)

*   a rudimentary "documentation" page was added, and the module was put
    into a separate module directory (in src/modules/speling)

*   do "real" spelling correction (i.e., a one-character typo, an extra
    char, an omitted char, or a transposition) are fixed, in addition to
    the old feature (miscapitalization only). More than one character
    errors seem rather risky to fix. Bad Things (TM) could happen ;-)
    The code to do this was taken from the tcsh "spelling correction".

*   The "last resort" functionality (strip off everything after the first
    dot and compare only the basename) was commented because it seems too
    risky to serve somefile.tar.gz in place of the requested somefile.html

I like the module because many requests from Windoze users come in in bad
case, and often when typing in a URL it happens to me that I just mistype
one single character. Thanks to Alexei for the idea and implementation,
I've been using this for more than a year already.

Whadd'ya think: isn't it a useful module to incorporate into the standard
apache distribution?

The patch is against apache-1.3a2-dev snapshot as of yesterday.

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