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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject [STATUS] Apache 1.2.2 (Wed 6-Aug-1997 11:36 MET DST)
Date Wed, 06 Aug 1997 09:36:13 GMT

STATUS for Apache 1.2.2 

Release Status:

    o pre-release tarball for internal testing now created in
      Current Test Status: 
        - RSE +1 (runs successfully here since a few hours)

    o the sources are still not tagged for 1.2.2. I'll do
      this when rolling the final 1.2.2 tarball. Same for
      APACHE_RELEASE define.

Patches already committed: 
(see ``src/CHANGES'' file for more details)

    o PR#813,814: obscure proxy stuff (case on Host:, etc.)
    o PR#797: fix mod_include logging a little...
    o PR#378 part 1: Fix handling of request body in core
    o API Symbol APACHE_RELEASE provides numeric form
    o PR#094: revisited
    o PR#848: treat <files> container like others in mod_info. 
    o PR#815: wrong length in get_client_block() 
    o PR#875: MSIE 4.0 PR2 workaround ("downgrade-1.0")
    o PR#421,868: mod_auth_anon logs multiple times
    o PR#777/+++: final sync of mod_rewrite for Apache 1.2.2
    o mod_include: handle_else was being used to handle endif. 
    o merging in of all essential documentation changes from 1.3
    o merging of updated mod_rewrite documentation after final sync
    o PR#748: mod_imap infinite loop for references above serverroot
    o fixed case where multiple <Directory>s match and all are applied 
    o PR#832: fixed solaris -HUP problems with slack fd
    o fixed improper vhost merging of <Location> and <Directory>

Patches available: 
(see appended MIME-part ``patches.txt'' for diff snippets)

    o there are currently no more really correct patches
      we are ready to be incorporated into 1.2.2. When they
      are in a better state we can incorporate them into 1.2.3.
      But 1.2.2 now should be shipped and no longer delayed....

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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