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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject RFD: Apache Regression Test Suite (ARTS) !!
Date Tue, 05 Aug 1997 10:02:35 GMT

Yesterday I've tried to start the Apache Documentation Project (ADP) by
initially evualiting tools and then establishing the SGML skeleton an the
first content. Today I've tried to start another important project:

   The Apache Regression Test Suite (ARTS)

As discussed in the past, Apache needs such a test suite. So I've browsed
through my brain and knowledge again and established such a beasts runtime
engine end environment and the first two tests itself.

The idea is the following: 
   1. We use software leverage and take advantage of Perl's Test::Harness and
      LWP packages.
   2. We provide a Makefile and a bootstrapping script to be able to easily
      apply the test suite to a particular httpd.
   3. We provide utilitiy functions to make the individual tests as short as
      possible while providing as much flexibility we can.

The first result can be found on 
Grab the ARTS.tar.gz and unpack it anywhere. Then do

   $ cd ARTS
   $ make HTTPD=/path/to/our/apache/src/httpd

For me this looks like this:

| rse@en1:/e/apache/www/ARTS
| :> make HTTPD=/e/apache/test/src/httpd
| Perl Interpreter (v5.004_01) [/sw/bin/perl]: 
| Apache httpd (Apache/1.3a2-dev): /e/apache/test/src/httpd
| t/01-basic..........ok
| t/02-get............ok
| All tests successful.
| Files=2,  Tests=3, 10 secs ( 1.95 cusr  0.30 csys =  2.24 cpu)
| rse@en1:/e/apache/www/ARTS
| :>

That's all folks. Currently there are 3 simple tests just to see if the
approach works as expected.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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