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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Now I've gone and done it
Date Sat, 02 Aug 1997 17:03:02 GMT

> >Wonderful. That is the only reason it is getting electricity from 
> >me...
> In theory there are SQL service packs available, that _may_ fix
> the problems. I personally would suggest ditching IIS, and trying to run
> apache
> and use perl ODBC to interface to the database. Also VBscript is a horrible
> language
> that doesn't have an end of line marker... (like ; )
> I suspect moving to apache if possible, since that _should_ be less rough
> on the
> database since apache doesn't have as many system integrations. I still can't
> figgure out how to setup web based authentication properly.

If someone were shoving toothpicks under my fingernails and forcing 
me to put my web pages on an NT machine, I would be setting up 
Apache and Perl as a first priority. However.... the only reason 
this box exists is to supply ASP support to customers who insist 
that they will settle for nothing else. Probably not worth the 
effort, but I can't pass up a learning opportunity. :-)

One hard knock coming up...

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