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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Docs problems?
Date Sat, 02 Aug 1997 16:00:13 GMT
> At 11:56 AM 8/1/97 -0500, Randy Terbush wrote:
> >I've gotten 4 such reports this morning. Does someone here know 
> >what might have changes? If not, I'll try to get some time to check 
> >this later today.
> ...
> >The link to the search page from is broken.
> >It points to which the server
> >can't find.
> I think there's a content-negotiation and MultiViews problem with the
> latest 1.3a2-dev.  I updated last night and started seeing some funkiness
> related to when multiviews needs to make a choice between two files to send
> out.  In this case, there is a "manual-index.cgi", a "manual-index.dat",
> and a "manual-index.dat.old".  I fixed this for now by making the call to
> "manual-index.cgi" explicit, but we should look into this.  On the other
> hand, it is really bad practice to have the data file and the CGI script
> share the same basename in the same directory, and ask the server to
> negotiate between them.  Ken, could you fix this?
> 	Brian

I agree that it is bad form to name these the same. Learned that 
long ago. However, I seem to have to tell users this on a frequent 
basis, and I total understand the desire to give these the same 
basename. I wonder if we should consider some priority for 
Multiviews that would force it to look for files with extensions in 
a specific order. cgi --> shtml --> html etc.?  I think that we can 
do that with a .var, but there should probably be a default 

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