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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject RE: mod_include heuristic
Date Tue, 22 Jul 1997 11:47:44 GMT
According to Dean Gaudet:

> Ok, here is something that I think I would be happy with:  use boyer-moore
> and mmap() in mod_include to speed it up.  Then use a quick and dirty
> two-pass heuristic to calculate Last-Modified (and ETag)

and ideally "Content-MD5" if ContentDigest is enabled.

> provided that all of the directives are truly static.  The first pass aborts
> as soon as it encounters something non-static. 

If there's an <!--#include virtual="" --> somewhere in the document
you may need to check if it's really static (eg. included as-is) or if it is
maybe a CGI script.
This was a problem I didn't solve (was to lazy to solve ;-) when I hacked my
old NCSA server to output Last-Modified headers with SSIs. I'm now using a
derived version (written by a friend) on my Apache servers (the infamous
SSILMHACK, there is a PR for it I think)
> The end result will probably be about the same performance as the existing
> mod_include.

Sounds great.

> The directive "IncludesTwoPassThresh NNN" would indicate that two-pass
> should be aborted whenever NNN bytes have been read from the inputs...
> which lets it be disable, and prevents it from being a problem on large
> inputs.

Hmmm... do we really need this? Imagine the following: if a resource
(a big one) is rarely access it doesn't hurt Apache if he has to
parse it twice. If the resource is frequently accessed it maybe often
cached in a proxy-cache resulting in less hits on the server.
But if the pass is aborted due to "IncludesTwoPassThresh" it cannot be
cached. This may results in a higher load on the server (depending on
how big NNN is).
Maybe a per-directory directive that completely disables the two-pass
variant is more useful (eg. "DisableTwoPassIncludes").

Just some esoteric thoughs... :-)

Lars Eilebrecht

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