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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: Whoa! It works!
Date Sat, 12 Jul 1997 16:26:43 GMT
> 5. Who is going to commit? Since it looks like I have to make the makefiles,
> I suppose it should be me?
> 6. Is everyone happy to proceed with this plan?

Sounds good to me.  I got Alexei's stuff to work as well under Win95 with
VC++ 5.0.  There is still some funkyness with the nt/readdir.h file, but I
will wait for your commits and start clean.  I may have created the
funkyness myself.

> I'm personally ready to start committing now(ish). Well, OK, after I've done
> some cleanup which I won't bother with until I know we're going ahead.

I like the idea of treating all the modules the same, even the mandatory


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