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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: htdocs/apache_pb.gif scrambled?
Date Sat, 12 Jul 1997 07:44:12 GMT
> Perhaps your version of cvs is too old.  If so, get a newer one.  Perhaps
> it is too new.  If so, get an older one.  Perhaps it is just right.  If
> so, it just doesn't like you.

I am using a 1.8.1 client on Solaris and a 1.9.8 client on Win95.  

Ahem..  Ok, user error.  I had done a: cmp apache_pb.gif ../icons
expecting cmp to behave like diff and figure out that it should compare a
file by the same name.  The two files are the same on my Unix box.

On Win95 the htdocs version is 2331 bytes and the icons version is the
correct 2326 bytes.  A diff of the 'od -c' output from each is incredibly
enough clean.  Oh well, one never knows what this beast of an OS is doing.

> CVS isn't entirely friendly with binary files.  Check out exactly how the
> two differ to see if you can see anything obvious like bogus keyword
> substituion.  Try a checkout again. 
> Are you using any of the -k options to cvs checkout?



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