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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Source re-org / Don't Panic
Date Sun, 27 Jul 1997 01:05:48 GMT
We need to pick a flag day when everyone switches to apachen and no more
commits are done on HEAD of apache.  Any day is fine with me.

Converting existing work-in-progress is easy.  It goes something like this:

    - save the list of filenames at the bottom as 'file-mappings'

    cd apache/src
    cvs diff -u >../../my-work.patch
    cd ../..
    perl -ne 'chomp; ($old,$new) = split(/:/); print "s#^Index: $old\$#Index: $new#\n";' file-mapping
| sed -f - my-work.patch > new-work.patch
    # take a look, see if it messed up
    diff -u my-work.patch new-work.patch
    cvs checkout apachen
    cd apachen/src
    patch <../../new-work.patch

Perl purists might shudder at my use of both perl and sed.

Converting non-cvs derrived patches is slightly more work.  And it depends
on the diff format used ... but it's similar to the above.  Or you can just
force patch to ask you the filename of each file (usually by trying to apply
it somewhere that the files it's looking for don't exist).


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