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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: "RealPlayer 4.0" (fwd)
Date Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:39:42 GMT
So... what exactly is the problem with RealPlayer 4.0?  'cause it doesn't
look to be affecting hotwired, and they don't have the browsermatch set up
for it.  Brian does have a contact, I editted out of this message I'll
send it privately to whomever knows how to reproduce the problem. 


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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:59:24 -0800
From: Brian Benitez <>
To: Dean Gaudet <>
Subject: Re: "RealPlayer 4.0"

At 5:11 PM -0800 7/19/97, Dean Gaudet wrote:
>Has anyone tried "RealPlayer 4.0" (whatever that is) against one of
>hotwired's servers?  Does it work?  We've had a report that it doesn't
>like HTTP/1.1 responses either.  Anyone have a contact at Progressive
>Networks that will listen to bug reports?  (We've tried the normal

I use the 4.0 realplayer every day and it appears to be fine... Looking
through the logs shows a lot of people using realplayer 4.

How is http 1.1 affecting the realaudio server? As I understand it, it
never has to deal with our web servers directly. There is a new component
of the server 4.0 (which we're running a copy of on port 7075 of the
realaudio machine - right now it's just handling the gallery real video
files) called "smart networking." If the client is not responding to UDP
packets delivered by the server, it switches over to using the http
protocol on port 80 - to pass through firewalls... is this perhaps where
the trouble is?? though we don't have any other files pointing at the new
4.0 server except the gallery video, other files are getting played out
through port 80.

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